Design Sprint Bootcamp

Our Design Sprint Bootcamps will teach you how to run the Design Sprint 2.0 - the improved 4-day version of GV's original 5-day Design Sprint. They are not like the typical bootcamps where you´re sitting down, listening and taking notes. They are extremely practical and a lot of fun.


We'll teach you the process by letting you run the exercises with a team and a real-life challenge. In addition, we'll teach you new methods and hacks that are not in the Sprint book. This will make the process faster and better.

What former participants say about the bootcamp: 

“I liked to see the alternatives to the ways I do it myself. I am used to running Design Sprint, and I felt that you went through some variations that I haven’t gone through before and that was good.”

-Fredrik Scheide, Vice President Design at Telenor

“It was a very good and very interesting bootcamp. Nice to get an introduction to what it is about and experience what it is like to execute a Design Sprint by doing it.

- June Trondsen, Senior Designer, Telenor

"A fun and practical workshop that taught me a lot and inspired me to implement Design Sprint in my own workplace."


-Helga Woll Lunder, UX Designer at Visma Consulting

In our bootcamps you will learn how to facilitate and execute a Design Sprint.


In more detail:

  • How to sell the sprint to key players in your organization

  • How to prepare for a sprint

  • How to make the sprint map without hassle

  • How to sketch ideas effectively and creatively

  • How to decide without wasting time on discussion

  • How to make a complete storyboard in 4 steps

  • How to build any prototype in a day

  • How to execute user interviews and tests seamlessly

  • How to lead a team of human beings through a workweek

  • How to follow up on the sprint results


What can participants use these techniques for?

  • Create concepts and ideas to new products, services, and processes

  • Validate these concepts and ideas

  • Solve human challenges in the organization


Who should attend?

  • Startup founders

  • Team leaders and managers

  • Business Developers

  • Product managers

  • Project managers

  • Executives

  • Marketers

  • Designers

  • Engineers

More about the Design Sprint 2.0

The original design sprint is almost perfect. Only a few exercises should be improved. For instance, many teams struggle with the map and the storyboard. We have improved these exercises by adding more guidelines. This saves us roughly 2 hours in every sprint.


We have also been experimenting with shortening the process to 4 days, inspired by the Berlin-based design agency AJ&Smart. We´ve found out that we´re able to get the same results in 4 days, instead of 5 days. Combined with improved exercises this is the Design Sprint 2.0 and it is approved by Jake Knapp, the inventor of the Design Sprint.


The Design Sprint 2.0 goes like this: Monday you set the stage and sketch solutions. Tuesday decide solutions and create a storyboard. Wednesday you build the prototype. Thursday you interview users and test the prototype. It's a recipe for how to solve challenges and test solutions with real users in days.

What you get:

  • The knowledge you need to facilitate a Design Sprint 2.0

  • All the material you need to do it yourself

  • A summary to show your colleagues what you learned

  • Delightful lunch both days

  • World class coffee


What background knowledge is expected?
No pre knowledge required. However, having read to Sprint book helps. Some experience with UX design and process leadership makes it even better.


110 % Money Back Guarantee
If you´re not happy with the bootcamp we´ll pay you 110 % back. Meaning that you will get 10 % more back than you paid in the first place.

Design Sprint Meetups


We are a community of Design Sprint enthusiasts (sprinters) that get together to talk about the Design Sprint process, share ideas, and get to know one another.


We host meetups, breakfast meetings, workshops and bootcamps in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Want to learn about the Design Sprint or drink alcohol with sprinters? Join our meetup groups:

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