Løpe is a Digital Product Studio based in Oslo


We help leading companies build relevant digital products using Design Sprints and we regularly host design sprint training events.

The team behind Løpe have 20 years of experience with design and facilitating workshops from some the best Design Thinking training companies and institutions in the world.

In Norwegian "løpe" means “to run”. Because we help you move faster.


We want to help people spend their time smarter​. Way too much time is wasted in slow processes with tons of busy-work. Even more time is wasted on building products nobody wants. 



How are we different?

We are time-designers. We design and facilitate processes that give you better results in less time.  

With Løpe you don't pay for months long projects and you don't have to deal with any old-school hierarchical agency legacy. We're a small and flexible team. This allows us to move fast, iterate and experiment with our processes to create more value in less time.


We´re based in Oslo, but we run design sprints anywhere in Norway. 


Løpe consist of Viljar, Júlia, Elias, Lise and Sylvia. 

Viljar is the founder of Løpe and has experience from working with one of the best innovation training companies in the world, Pracademy. He holds a M. Sc. from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, where he also founded Astronaut, a tech startups within recruitment. 

Julia has been working with design since 2004, developing products and experiences. Through qualitative research, design methods and the science of happiness she collaborates with organizations to help them become meaningful, happier and profitable. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Product Design, a master’s in business in Strategic Design, a master’s in business in Happiness and was a Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Design, Chicago. She has worked with international companies like Sanremo, Termolar and Unknowns, also as partner at startups in digital and furniture area. Now she is partner at Peculiar Design, Design Your Way and Drops de Felicitina. She’s currently leading the development of Life Sprint at Løpe. Life Sprint is a process to help people create and test their next career move, designing a meaningful and happier life.


Elias is a student at applied computer science at the Oslo Met. He’s part time employee - creating Løpes youtube channel and helping out during workshops. 


Lise has 5 years of management experience in both public and private sector, where she has worked with business development and lead design driven processes with documented results: She has improved service quality and streamlined work processes harnessing Lean, digital business opportunities and a strong customer focus. Lise is educated in Entrepreneurship at UiO, is a certified ManageMentor from Harvard and has a yellow belt in Lean. She holds a M. Sc. in Innovation and Leadership with a focus on innovation strategy, change management, design thinking and organising.

Sylvia Jagla is Løpe's own coach. She has been working with hundreds of leaders around the world. She’s a Business & Leadership Coach, Trainer, Consultant.


Her #1 passion is it to help leaders, mindful corporates and StartUps to master transformations and leadership soft skills through Neuroscience, behavioural science and mindfulness for tomorrow’s workplace.


When she’s not working, she loves to plan trips around the world to have it as a challenge to grow. You could also say that she’s a tragic coffee lover.

Find more about her at SylviaJagla.com

Lise Aasland Ursin

Viljar Rystad

Elias Pederstad

Júlia Dias

Sylvia Jagla

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