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Løpe help teams quickly create and validate new digital solutions using Design Sprints.

Løpe is a digital product studio based in Oslo. We help leading companies build relevant digital products using Design Sprints and we regularly host design sprint training events.


In our Design Sprint we help you understand the challenge, ideate solutions and then build and test a prototype with real users. The result is a high-fidelity prototype, clear yes/no answers to your most important questions and recommended next steps.


In our Design Sprint Bootcamps you’ll learn how to facilitate a sprint by actually doing it, with a real team and a real challenge.

The team behind Løpe have 20 years of experience with design and facilitating workshops from some of the best Design Thinking training companies and institutions in the world.​​

In Norwegian "løpe" means “to run”. Because we help you move faster.

Quickly create and validate your solutions. 

72 % of all new products and services fail.


They fail mostly because of lack of customer adoption or willingness to pay. The key to success is to validate your ideas with real user as quickly as possible.

A Design Sprint is a structured process to quickly create and validate new concepts and ideas, used by companies like Facebook, Google and McKinsey.


The process consists of battletested exercises from design thinking, lean startup and service design – put into a 4-day iteration cycle. 

Don't spend months before validating your solutions.

Many teams spend months building "MVPs" before they validate their solutions with real users. This building always takes longer than expected, resulting in the starting phase being painful and expensive.

This phase can be done faster and better with design sprints.


In our design sprint you understand the challenge, create a vast amount of solutions and build and test a high-fidelity prototype, in just 4 days.


The result is an align team, a clear product direction and shift towards a more agile mindset.


Ideas don't matter. Execution matters. 

No companies in the world have an idea-problem. Most companies have walls full of ideas. What they have an execution-problem.


A sprint is step-by-step recipe that transforms your team into a creative and effective execution machine.

“Løpe helped us quickly come up with a good design, validate the concept and figure out the next steps.”  

- Cecilie Sand, Business Developer, Orkla Foods  

"We were very happy with having Viljar and Andreas facilitate our design sprint.  Our greatest benefit was the team being aligned with our new digital product initiative.

Both Viljar and Andreas are easy going, hard working and very competent."

- Lucas Weldeghebriel, Founder,

Design Sprint Bootcamp

The best way to learn the process is to join one of our bootcamps. Here you´ll go through the exercises in the Design Sprint 2.0 with a team and a real-life challenge. In addition, we'll teach you new methods and hacks that are not in the Sprint book.


Our bootcamps are not the typical bootcamps where you're passively taking notes. They are extremely practical and a lot of fun.

What former participants say about the bootcamp: 

“I liked to see the alternatives to the ways I do it myself. I am used to running Design Sprint, and I felt that you went through some variations that I haven’t gone through before and that was good.”

-Fredrik Scheide, Vice President Design at Telenor

"A fun and practical workshop that taught me a lot and inspired me to implement Design Sprint in my own workplace."


-Helga Woll Lunder, UX Designer at Visma Consulting

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